We are a growing family of faith that welcomes you into our midst!

Easter Services:


9:15 AM Praise Service

9:30 AM Easter Breakfast (breads, juice & coffee)

10:00 AM Easter Egg Hunt

10:30 AM Easter Worship Service

At Dublin Presbyterian, everyone is welcome no matter where you are on your faith journey or your life path.

We believe that our salvation comes only through our belief in Jesus and by the grace of God.  Our good works and accomplishments cannot earn us salvation, yet we are commanded by Jesus to serve and to love each other and to spread the good news of God’s love and grace.

Worship is the heart of who we are and we strive to include everyone.  Children are welcome and are encouraged to participate in Worship.  Music is a vital component of our worship and our talented choir complements our Worship, which can be described as a “traditional / liturgical” blend.  We come together as a community of faith to worship and glorify God.  Our services are intended to be thought-provoking, but not dogmatic and we value questions as much as answers.  We encourage curiosity, discovery, and honest struggling with questions of faith.

Our Worship is intended to inspire us, teach us and help us grow in our faith as we strive to be worthy disciples of Christ and serve others.  It is everyone’s job – ministers and lay people alike – to share the Good News with our community and the world.