Pastor & Staff


Jennifer Eastman Hinkle was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She graduated from Wayne State University, was a fashion designer and worked for Too, Inc. (now know as Justice and Brothers).  She decided to pursue another passion, to become a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  She was blessed to serve the Presbytery of Scioto Valley as a pulpit supply pastor and preacher, and was officially called to West Berlin Presbyterian Church in 2009.  She currently serves as the Chair of the Care Task Team on the Care of Church professionals Commission working with Inquirers and Candidates in the process of seeking ordination in our denomination.

Her family includes her husband, Frank; step-daughter, Brittany; and children Camden and Magdelynne.  She enjoys spending time with God, her family, church community and friends.  In addition, she also finds time to do Zumba, take walks, read, design liturgical art and sing jazz and the National Anthem at local events when she gets the chance.

Shane Trace, Director of Music Ministries

Shane is a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Nola Taracko, Church Office Manager

Nola’s church work experience spans over a period of 30+ years.  She is married to John.  They have three grown sons and six grandchildren.

She is known as “Grandma Nola” to the Meadows Academy children.