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At Dublin Presbyterian, we enjoy an inter-generational approach where God’s children of all ages gather together to learn more of God’s word through scripture, music, and conversation with one another as the Body of Christ. Second Sunday is our way of gathering together as the WHOLE church in dialog with the Bible and with one another in discerning and practicing God’s call for our lives.

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Kids Klub

The Kid’s Klub program is a dynamic ministry of Christian nurturing.  The goal is to guide children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live as His disciples.  Reach out to children through Kid’s Klub provides an opportunity to build their beliefs, with the help of the church community, and provide them with better decision making tools in today’s society.  Kid’s Klub meets Tuesday afternoon from September through March and is open to children ages Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Each summer the church organizes a week long program of VBS.  Enrollment is open to children of the church and the community at large.  The program is centered around a theme that changes from year to year with a Bible story each day that relates to the theme.  Abundant crafts, recreation and music make this a great and fun way for children to learn.

Fireside Storytime

During worship, after the children’s message, children in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to meet in the Fireside Room with the storyteller for a Bible lesson and music.  Children return to worship following the sermon.

Preschool Story time

During worship, after the children’s message, preschoolers (ages 3-young 5’s) are invited to meet with a storyteller in the Preschool Room for a Bible lesson and play time..  Children return to worship following the sermon.


Childcare is available for children ages 0-2 years from 9:45 am- 11:45 am.  The nursery is staffed by an outside professional service providing qualified caregivers through two hours on Sunday mornings.



At Dublin Presbyterian, worship is the work of the people . . . people of all ages that is!  Youth are invited to take part in greeting the members, reading of scripture, crafting the prayers, singing, and in the offeratory.  We currently have a Deacon especially to serve the Children and Youth within our community because they are valued members of this congregation.


When baptized members are ready to become full members of the church (with the support and encouragement of parents and church leadership), we welcome them in the offering of a year-long confirmation class.  Confirmands learn of the One Triune God – God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Within peer groups, we discuss the overarching narrative theme of the Bible which can be summed up in three words . . . Creation, Fall and Redemption along with the traditions of the Reformed Faith of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  We not only talk about our faith, but we put our thoughts and words into action.  This is not your PARENT’S Confirmation class.  All this occurs over pizza, ice cream, Sky-Zone and bowling!  Finally, confirmands are challenged to write their statement of faith from their own perspective and share it with the Session of the church.



Sunday Morning Study

We take educational opportunities seriously here at DPC.  We have a group that meets “religiously” every Sunday morning at 9:15 AM before worship to discuss such topics as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Women’s Bible Study

On Mondays from September through May, the women of the church gather to share their faith journeys, hold one another in prayer and immerse themselves in God’s WORD.  Several recent topics include: The Faith of Islam (what is the same, what is different), The Prophet Micah and Rebel Jesus.  This is not only a time to learn more of what the Bible has to teach us, it is a time of intimate fellowship as Sisters in the Body of Christ.



Our Mission is to continually build a church that is relevant, constantly recognizes and meets people’s needs, pursues the teaching of God’s Word and always provides and atmosphere for positive relationships to grow and develop.

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