What to Expect on Sunday

We gather as people of different backgrounds, callings, personalities and ages to acknowledge and worship the Living God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  It is always our joy to welcome newcomers and inquirers.  There is no expectation for you to come dressed up or with any prior knowledge.  You can participate in the services as you feel comfortable or simply observe.

As people make their way into the sanctuary, they are given a printed guide called a Bulletin to help follow the “Order of Worship”.

These are some of the elements in the worship service:

  • Singing the Worship of God
  • Prayers to God (of confession, thanksgiving, and/or petition)
  • Greeting one another
  • Affirmation of the Faith (confessing together using a historic creed)
  • Offerings back to God (in no way an expectation for visitors)
  • Observing the Sacraments (Lord’s supper – generally once each month and on holidays)
  • Hearing God’s Word read and preached
  • Children participating in Worship (at least once a month)
  • A message especially for children

The service begins at 10:30 AM and is typically an hour after which all are invited to gather for refreshments and conversation in the Narthex (the room outside of the Sanctuary).

Are Children Welcome?

At Dublin Presbyterian, we celebrate children as part of our worshiping community.  We recognize the Biblical importance of children as members of the covenant community.  In worship, children can develop an understanding of themselves as part of the family of God.

Children are welcome to sit with you during the Worship service or you are welcome to participate in these education and care opportunities:

  • Child care for infants through 2 years old is available in the nursery.  We employ screened care providers through professional child care service.
  • After the Children’s Message, children (grades K and older) are invited to gather in the Fireside room for singing and a Bible Story / discussion time.  Children return to worship during the hymn following the sermon.  On Communion Sundays, the children stay in worship the whole hour.