Stewardship 2016: Education

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Good Morning.  I am Julie Swan and was asked to speak to you about Stewardship from the perspective of Christian Education.

I am an Elder here at Dublin Presbyterian so I co-chair the Christian Education Committee.  The Christian Education or CE (as we call it) committee oversees many wonderful programs here at DPC.  One of our favorite and largest programs is Vacation Bible School.  It is a one week outreach program in the summer where we invite not only kids of this congregation but also other kids in the community to join us.  We meet from nine to noon, Monday through Friday for one week.  We talk about God’s word, and also break out into music, science, recreation, snack, and craft.  We even have a water day where the kids get into their bathing suits and run through sprinklers and throw water balloons.  It takes a village to make VBS happen – a lot of time and a lot of resources.

Another program we are currently involved in is Kids Klub and Teens and Tweens.  It’s new.  We meet about twice a month on Sunday evenings from 5 to 7pm.  We have dinner, lesson, music, games and mission.  There’s always a theme.  Three weeks ago my kids’ favorite part was baking bread as part of World Communion Sunday.  Parents help with these programs but you don’t have to be a parent to help out.  We need help in the kitchen, and with games, lessons and as table parents/table leaders.  The table leaders sit and enjoy a meal with the kids and talk to them and help get a conversation going.  The kids have a lot of fun getting to know members of our Congregation.  It’s been great to see the High Schoolers helping out with this too.

CE also oversees:  The Children’s Christmas Pageant, Easter Egg Hunt and the Fireside lesson that the kids go into during Jennifer’s sermon.  Christian Education isn’t just about Kids.  In fact CE probably touches most people here.  Other important functions of CE are:  Women’s Bible Study, Men’s Bible Study and Adult Bible School.   CE also oversees Second Sundays.  And just to let you know…we have some terrific Second Sunday programming scheduled. For those of you who don’t know.  Every Second Sunday at 9:00 in the morning, you can bring a breakfast item to share and there will be some wonderful speakers – check your monthly and weekly newsletters to see who is scheduled.

Please consider becoming involved somehow in CE.  Feel free to come talk to me.   We have a committee but there are many other ways to be involved.  I became involved 7 years ago because of my kids.  I wanted my kids to have the church experience during their developing years.  I have seen them make special friendships, in fact on group text they call themselves “the church chicks”.   I wanted them to learn stories in the Old Testament and the New Testament.  I wanted them to learn why Jesus said to “turn the other cheek” and to “do onto others”. I felt they would be better off being brought up with Christian values.  I hoped they would be better prepared to make good choices in today’s society.  So, I got involved 7 years ago for my kids.  But it’s funny because what I found out was that in trying to teach my kids and kids of the congregation and community, was that I had a lot to learn myself.  So we have learned together.  And God and the kids have taught me.  Thank you.