Stewardship 2016: Homecoming

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God’s Will: Our Hands – How we see God working in our community

Good Morning!

Today is our Homecoming.

Homecoming means to return to home or to a place like home.

What do we expect to find in a home?

It’s more than a house or some sort of structure

A home is a place where each of us are loved, accepted, supported, nourished, educated and challenged.

It is also a place to feel safe, where you are encouraged to try new things and a place where you work together to accomplish the chores that arise from life together.

So what happens here at Dublin Presbyterian that makes it a home?

We are loved – God’s love and grace are abundant

We are accepted – We are all God’s children

We are supported – by each other and by God’s love

We are nourished – through God’s word and our meals together

We are educated – through worship and through study

We are challenged – to be the hands & feet of Christ in our world and to bring a message of love and hope to those in need.

Today we celebrate Homecoming at Dublin Presbyterian Church.

Welcome Home!

Beth Marsh
September 11, 2016