Stewardship 2016: Stewardship Kickoff

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Good Morning.

I want you to calm yourself and feel the presence of God who is here with us now.

First, get comfortable in your seat.  I’m sure that getting to church this morning might have been a bit rushed and possibly frustrating – kids, traffic, not enough caffeine. Put your papers down.  Kids I invite you to do this too.

Now, eyes can be open or closed, but take a deep slow breath in and exhale slowly…now repeat that.

Thank you.

This is probably something that we should be doing every day, by ourselves, with family or with others. In our busy lives, it is often difficult to take the time to notice how God is working in our lives.

I come to you this morning as a member of the Stewardship committee to share what we are doing during October as part of our Stewardship program.

Over the next five weeks, leaders in this congregation will be sharing their experiences and thoughts that illustrate how they see God and this church working to change our lives, lives of those around our community and the World.

Each week will have a different theme which reflects each of our different programming pillars of Worship, Community, Music, Education and Mission.

Be on the lookout for Stewardship Notes in the mid-email which will provide you with information on the upcoming testimonial topic, a quote or scripture to consider, and a link to the previous week’s topic, information and testimonial.

Without the presence of God and your support, no worship, programming or mission work can be accomplished.  We recognize how generous you have been but we also recognize God’s call to do more.

Beth Marsh, Stewardship 2016
September 25, 2016