Stewardship 2016: Worship

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Good morning.  I’m Richard Troxell, and I was asked to speak to you about stewardship from the perspective of the Worship and Music committee.

The worship and music committee supports Jennifer and Shane in preparing our worship services. We schedule our Sunday worship volunteers — the greeters and offertory collectors, our liturgists, our young acolytes who light the candles, our communion servers — all of our fellow church members who help put on our Sunday service every week.

Our committee members also help plan and prepare for special events like the terrific new concert series that Shane has launched this year.  And also special services, like the simple supper before the Maundy Thursday service.  Our committee members prepare the elements for Communion Sundays. We order the poinsettias at Christmas, the palms for Palm Sunday, and the lilies at Easter.  We even keep the candles filled with oil.

Along with my fellow Elder, Sharon Hayes, we are really fortunate to have a great team in Peggy Holcomb, Charlotte Coomer, Debbie Sundheimer, Patrick Metzger, and Carol Mowry.

We were preparing for World Communion Sunday when I was asked to speak to you.  And that got me thinking.  The world we live in seems so fractured these days.  We see divides along race, religion, and political lines played out every day in the news, on the internet, even our Facebook pages. Yet we know that we – all of God’s children – are far more similar than we are different. Today, on World Communion Sunday, we celebrate unity, coming together to take communion with other Christians all over the world.

And that’s what we do every Sunday, as well.  We come together.  As members of Dublin Presbyterian Church, we come together to worship in community with each other.  We also come together to share both our blessings and our burdens.  We celebrate one another in times of joy, achievement and personal milestones, and we support and care for one another in times of bad news, disappointment and grief.  We come together to teach our children what it means to be a Christian.  We come together to push and pull each other closer to God.

And we give of ourselves — financially, sure, but also through service — to keep this church running.  The gifts of money and time and self that we offer to Dublin Presbyterian not only support our community here, but also allow us to share our gifts and message with people outside these doors.  In a world that sometimes seems so divided, our hope is that people find peace and love in this church community, and through our community’s gifts.

Richard Troxell, Co-chair, Worship & Music Committee
October 2016