Stewardship: Faith

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Faith Statement

Why are we here?  I’m just asking a simple question into why we have decided to gather in this building today.  My personal answer to that question has evolved over the years.

When I was young, the answer to that question was simple:  I went to church because my parents told me so.  Our family belonged to a small town church where, in general, everyone seemed to look and think alike

Going away to college, I discovered not everyone thought as I did.  I found myself becoming increasing disillusioned about organized religion.  It seemed to me to be more divisive than it was healing.

My thinking remained that way until my late 30’s when our oldest son was born.  I remember saying that something is going on here that is way beyond my comprehension.  I found myself looking to organized religion to take me out of my narrow world and re-open my mind to ponder the larger issues of our existence.  That is when we joined St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in North Columbus.

In 1985, our family moved to Dublin.  After some searching for a church home, we became charter members of DPC.  We knew our young sons would be exposed to the Presbyterian tradition of worship and childhood education at DPC.

If you asked me then why are we here . . . I would have said it was for the kids.

In 2001, I experienced a life changing event.  That August as our younger son, John, was preparing to enter his Freshman year at Hanover College and our oldest, Brian, was ready to begin his Senior year at Elon University . . . I had a heart attack.  The attack was followed immediately by bypass surgery and two days later, I had a stroke.  From the hospital, I went to Dodd Hall for 6 weeks of rehabilitation to deal with the effects of the stroke.  Under those circumstances, it became imperative to sort out priorities.  I can assure you that the support and encouragement of our DPC family was essential in my family’s journey through this process.  This included transporting John to college; numerous meals delivered to our home and ongoing spiritual support among other things.  Never had I imagined I would be the one who needed the prayers and support of our faith community.

I recently turned 75.  As I reflect back to my days as a youngster, I felt I had all or most of the answers in life.  As life and education has readjusted my thinking on many issues, I have found the core values I learned as a youth in church have remained unchanged.

That brings me back to the original question. Why am I here now?  I’m here to provide my emotional and financial support to the DPC Community so this and future generations can grow in their faith journey as I continue to grow.

It’s the best investment I have ever made!

Rex Zent
August 21, 2016