Stewardship: We are Called

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Good Morning

I had the honor of representing this church in Colcord WV.  For a week we worked together as a community with a community.  We were able to use the gifts that we have to help particular families out.  Families that needed decks, that needed ramps and that needed work around their houses.  But I think that more importantly, we were able to show a community in a horrible time of crisis that they are loved. That there are people out in the world that remember them, that care about them and wish them well.  Wish them well so much that they are willing to invest themselves and their children to go and help them.  I think that is a great gift for us to share.

We do that because we have a call.  Our Lord said “Go out!  Do! What you do for the least of these you do for me.”  I believe that the members of this church believe in that mission.  The program we have in today’s service is so strikingly full of call to mission. It’s what we are here to do.

I was blessed to be able to spend three hours in Gail’s Garden pulling weeds yesterday.  Because that’s part of how we support the mission of our church.  That’s how we support this church which supports this mission.  Some people get to go out and be on the sharp end of the stick and do things out in the world and some people stay at home and pull weeds and do the things that make it possible for this church to support the mission.

All of us here have heard that call.  We have things to do.

We have gifts to provide.  We have gifts to share, whether it’s pulling weeds or sweeping floors or washing windows or going out into the world or giving money.

Whatever it is you can do, you’ve been called and need to do it.

Let’s go out and do it.

Ralph LeVan
July 10, 2016