Stewardship 2016: What is Stewardship?

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God’s Will: Our Hands
Stewardship 2016

Stewardship is a churchy word, not used often in everyday language. In the church, stewardship has come to be synonymous with fundraising and pledge campaigns. In reality, stewardship means “taking care of” or “managing.” What we are called to take care of, to manage, is the ministry and mission God has given us as a community and as individuals. That certainly encompasses more than fundraising and pledge campaigns!

The truth is that we need money to support the ministry and mission of the church, to live into the dream that God has for us, but we need even more than that. Everyone in our church community has gifts from God; our church community needs the gifts of everyone in the community. We usually talk about these gifts being time, talents, and treasure (which includes money). So, stewardship is about a lot more than money; it’s more about giving back in response to God’s giving to us to do God’s work of love in the world.

We don’t give to get something. We don’t give a certain amount and then expect God to give back like an investment banker. We don’t give out of guilt. We don’t give because we think God is going to sit on high and punish us if we don’t. We give out of gratitude. We give because God gave us life, abundant life, and God gave us love, unconditional love. There really is no way to thank God adequately for those great gifts, or the other gifts, but we can give of our gifts so that others can come to know and experience the fullness of life and love in God.

Stewardship is more than about money; and it’s more than about managing the money that the church already has. Stewardship is about learning together how to be generous like God is generous. It is about growing in the love of God and neighbor and in so doing, growing our own spirits. In this way, giving of ourselves and our gifts is about joy. It’s been said that “some money is sad money, some is happy money.” Giving to church is happy money because our ministry and mission from God is making a positive difference.

Over the next five weeks, leaders in this congregation will be sharing their experiences and thoughts that illustrate how they see God and this church working to change our lives, and the lives of those around our community and the world.

Each week will have a different theme which reflects each of our different programming pillars of Worship, Community, Music, Education and Mission.

Be on the lookout for Stewardship Notes in the midweek email which will provide you with information on the upcoming testimonial topic, a quote or scripture to consider, and a link to the previous week’s topic, information and testimonial.

Without the presence of God and your support, no worship, programming or mission work can be accomplished.  We recognize how generous you have been but we also recognize God’s call to do more.


Stewardship Committee 2016
Grant Varian, chair
Linda Landis, Beth Marsh, Rex Zent