Middle School and High School Youth are encouraged to participate in the life of the church as often as possible.  There are many opportunities for both mission and fellowship throughout the year.  For more details on current activities, please contact the DPC Office.


At Dublin Presbyterian, worship is the work of the people . . . people of all ages that is!  Youth are invited to take part in greeting the members, reading of scripture, crafting the prayers, singing, and in the offeratory.  We currently have a Deacon especially to serve the Children and Youth within our community because they are valued members of this congregation.


When baptized members are ready to become full members of the church (with the support and encouragement of parents and church leadership), we welcome them in the offering of a year-long confirmation class.  Confirmands learn of the One Triune God – God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Within peer groups, we discuss the overarching narrative theme of the Bible which can be summed up in three words . . . Creation, Fall and Redemption along with the traditions of the Reformed Faith of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  We not only talk about our faith, but we put our thoughts and words into action.  This is not your PARENT’S Confirmation class.  All this occurs over pizza, ice cream, Sky-Zone and bowling!  Finally, confirmands are challenged to write their statement of faith from their own perspective and share it with the Session of the church.